Great turnout at G-Tech LA Happy Hour

Our storage partners G-Technology have a new event space in LA, and we held a joint event there together with Adobe highlighting the ways our customers are using radically simple media management with G-Tech storage and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Our resellers Maxx Digital co-hosted.  There were well over 100 sign-ups and 82 attendees – thanks, everyone, for attending!  We were joined by some other great vendors – RED, with their killer digital cinema cameras, Eizo, with their HDR-capable monitors, ATTO, with high speed 10GigE and FibreChannel connectivity, and Atomos, whose portable field capture/display units have taken the video world by storm. Each vendor had a representative at the event to answer questions, and a table for hands-on demos.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.52.42 PM

The event highlighted a joint customer of ours who manages Kenny Chesney’s tour videos. More on this great application of axle software and G-Tech storage soon!

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Ball of Confusion (1970)

Given the mood tonight here in NYC (and JFK), I thought I’d post this 1970 classic from the Temptations.  Stay safe, everyone.



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Demo video by Avid: Adobe-axle workflow on Avid storage (!)

Bob Russo, product designer for Avid’s storage products, put together an excellent video tutorial on the workflow for Premiere Pro CC with Avid’s NEXIS|Pro, using axle Starter software and our Premiere panel.  It’s definitely a new era when Avid is not only selling, but promoting and explaining open solutions with the ‘coopetition’.  At three minutes in length, the video is a quick, informative intro – or you can just read the accompanying blog post.  Thanks, Bob!


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Great webinar about 10 Gig networks

Just before the holidays, we held an in-depth webinar covering what’s possible with today’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology and our radically simple media management.  Corky Seeber, CEO of our longtime partners Small Tree, who pioneered 10 Gigabit networking on the Mac, cohosted the webinar with us.  If you’re interested in faster network speeds (and who isn’t?), 4K editing and the evolution of high performance storage for video applications, you should definitely check it out.  To watch the recording, just register at this link.


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Cool new IBM video about axle, media storage

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-5-36-39-pmIBM just posted this nice video interview, covering how axle Video works with IBM’s Spectrum storage products to handle the explosion in number and size of media files. The production values are pretty slick – many thanks, IBM team!

By way of context, we estimate that video applications consumed over 100 Exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1,000 Petabytes = 1,000,000 Terabytes) of newly installed storage this year! It’s a staggering amount and is likely to grow in strong double digits annually over the next few years. No wonder so many teams are looking for solutions to manage it all…

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So it’s come to this? the cloud is actually an 18-wheeler.


If you were wondering how the cloud was going to magically handle all your high-res media, today has brought an answer.  Amazon introduced its latest cloud gateway, called ‘Snowmobile’ – and no, it’s not April 1st nor am I making any of this up.  It’s a semi truck housing 100 petabytes of data storage, and it pulls up to your front door, hooks up (presumably via 10 Gigabit Ethernet) and copies all your stuff from your server, before driving off to Amazon’s nearest datacenter.  They developed this because, understandably, people were disappointed at the upload times for massive amounts of media and other big data; last-mile bandwidth is still often much more limited than we’d like.  This isn’t an argument against the viability and obvious robust health of the cloud IT model, just a reality check that some things, like big collections of media files, still live on and are best managed on actual drive-based storage.  Of course, at axle Video all our products are built on that principle, so we’re delighted to see Amazon, uh, driving our way.

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Videomaker compares axle to 3 leading cloud-based collaboration services


December’s Videomaker magazine brings us a roundup of video collaboration tools. The article compares our axle 2016 software to Wipster,, and AFrame, and I’m delighted to say that ours was the only on-premise solution that made the cut!  In other words, we catalog your media where it already lives, on your networked storage, whereas the others all expect you to upload it to cloud storage.  The article is an excellent overview of what’s available on the market, and contrasts the strengths of the different approaches. Interestingly, the other 3 companies have raised a combined $20m+ in venture capital!  By contrast, axle Video continues to grow our software business based almost solely on revenue from customers, which may give us some advantages in the long haul.

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